Who We Are

Who is ODETNY?

ODETNY is the premier full-service electrical testing and preventative maintenance company in the Northeast. We are dedicated to providing unmatched services which results in satisfied customers.

Experienced Technicians
Who Work For You

ODETNY consists of talented technicians who are experienced in meeting your electrical needs. Our highly accredited professionals have a variety of experience ranging over 25 years. Our employees’ personal and professional growth and pride in themselves is critical to our ability to provide technical proficiency, innovation, and continuous improvement.

When you partner with ODETNY, you can expect the best solutions for your electrical needs.



ODETNY Operations Leader

Joseph Engel has been working in high voltage engineering, electrical testing and preventative maintenance for over 25 years. He holds a number of certifications that highlight his prowess in this field.

He is proud of the work ODETNY is doing as a premier independent 3rd party testing company. His day-to-day involves ensuring our clients receive optimal care on their projects and fulfill their full scope of work. Part of his long-term vision for ODETNY is to push the company to new heights through our employment of qualified testing professionals.