How We Get Things Done

We’re a Hardworking, Proud Team

Our highly accredited personnel have a variety of experience ranging over 25 years. We don’t “just get it done”, instead, we meet projects with an open mind and an eagerness to find brilliant solutions. From the office staff to our electrical engineers, every member of our organization holds a high standard for our electrical services.

Managed Through
Experienced Supervision

Our hardworking electrical engineers are managed by our strong, dedicated supervisors and management team. They ensure quality is found in every detail of your project and guide our technicians throughout the assignment.

Promote Innovative Technology
and Electrical Engineering

We combine employee expertise with state-of-the-art technology to provide our clients with the best value in electrical engineering and maintenance services. When you partner with ODETNY, you can expect excellent service and maximum results in every project we undertake.

We Hold Safety to the
Highest Standards

ODETNY follows a strict safety-first protocol to ensure you and every project we manage is done with a “safety-first” culture. We believe safety standards start from the top, that is why we educate every team member, technician, and office employee on proper safety procedures. We provide continuous high voltage safety training on accountability and a “see something, say something” approach for every project we work on.