Preventative Maintenance

Protect Your Electrical System

ODETNY's Preventative Maintenance Services

Our preventative maintenance services are designed to ensure your facility’s power is 100% reliable. Additionally, we strive to improve your power quality and reduce overall maintenance costs throughout the life cycle of your system. Our high voltage test technicians and engineers offer their extensive expertise to generate better results for your property, systems, and bottom line.

Get in touch with ODETNY to discuss your yearly, 3-year, and 5-year electrical testing plan.

What We Offer:


Minimize electrical hazards and risk of productivity-loss by scheduling routine maintenance to ensure your power system operates safely and reliably.


Developing an effective maintenance strategy is vital for your power system. Our services support your environmental conditions, operating frequency, and your operational efficiency.


One of the largest maintenance expenses companies face are plant turnarounds. Part of securing a successful turnaround is controlling the time and cost associated with your outage, while making sure your facility continues to perform efficiently. Our turnaround and outage services can help you get the most out of your planned maintenance time.